Seven New Vehicle for parts and four vehicles for sale.

Good Morning Opa-Locka. I hope you all enjoyed your weekend. Because it’s on all your minds, we can start by discussing the Superbowl. Both teams played a nice game, and fought a fair fight didn’t they?
Falcons took over the first three quarters and truly dominated the field. Unfortunately for them, Tom Brady was storing his energy (like he always does) to blow them out the field in the last quarter. Still Falcons put up a good fight and forced the game to roll into overtime. Whether you are a Falcon fan, a Patriot fan, or a “ban-waggoner”, you have to agree that this was a great game for both teams.

Now we can go into speaking about the political debates that are being toss around social media at the moment, or we can ignore all the drama and act like we don’t live on a reality television show. I choose the later.

This week at:

Palmetto Used Auto:

This week we have a 2007 Hyundai Elantra incoming. This vehicle endured a front end crash damaging most of it’s front end parts; however, this vehicle still has many great parts available. This vehicle still has three of it’s doors in great shape as well as it’s rear end. This vehicle also has a beautiful clean beige cloth interior being sold at $300.

We also have a 2012 Nissan Altima and a 2013 Nissan Altima entering the lot this week. They both endured a front end crash, but the 2013 obtained most of its damages on the passenger side. The 2012 did endure a harder hit and lost its hood, grille, front bumper and head lights due to the crash. Both these vehicle have a clean interior; one of which is grey and the other beige.

All Day Used Auto:
This week on the All Day side we have a 2004 Expedition2004 Econoline 1502001 Econoline 1502011 Ford Fusion Hybrid coming in to part out. The 2001 Ford Econoline 150 was not damaged too severely. It only endured a small hit on the front driver side. Most of the exterior parts are still in very good condition. This van has grey leather seats and does not have shelving units inside. The 2004 Econoline 150 endure a slightly tougher hit on the rear end damaging the rear bumper, the right cargo door and a few more rear end passenger side parts. This van also has a grey leather interior. The 2004 Expedition had a minor rear end crash damaging both the front and back bumper. This Expedition has a beige leather interior.

Keira Car Sales:

Runs Great

2005 Ford Escape


This week Keira Car Sale has uploaded three additional vehicles for sale; a 2013 Chevrolet Cruze a 2004 Ford F150 and a 2005 Ford Escape . Click the link to find out more about these vehicles. The Chevy Cruze is blue exterior and its interior is black and grey sport like cloth. This vehicle has a mere 55.7k miles and drives smooth. Come take a test drive; you’ll be so please you’ll want to buy it. The Ford Escape, I would say, is the perfect vehicle for a medium sized family that wants- or needs- a more roomy vehicle, but doesn’t wish to spend an arm and a leg on it either. It is a dull blue, with a beige cloth interior. It runs smoothly, has cold a/c, and is a 4-cylinder vehicle. Come down and take a look for yourself. Financing also available. Stay tuned and log on for next weeks blog to find out more. The Ford F-150 is perfect for a man or woman) looking for a work truck. It is grey exterior and interior. This truck is an XLT 4.6L V8 Automatic with cold a/c and running perfectly.

Whether you are looking to adopt a vehicle into your family, or if you just need a part for your current vehicle, we can help you!


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