Guide to Buying Replacement Front Seats for Your Car

When Should You Replace Your Car Seat?

It is important to know that most car seats need to be replaced if they were in a vehicle that experienced a crash, as crash forces can be extreme and strong enough to damage your child’s car seat, even if you can’t see the damage of the car seat with your naked eye.

Basic Replacement Front Seat Considerations

Most people never even consider the fact that a car seat might need to be replaced regularly. When either situation or preference presents itself, it is helpful to know that buyers have a few basic decisions to make regarding those seats.

This decision, of course, includes characteristics such as color and material of the car seat. It is also important to factor in the weight and age of your child. The make and model of your car are equally important. The two decisions all car owners will need to make, however, involve the inclusion of power seats, and the choice of whether to buy replacement seats new or used.

Considering Power Seats

Though the power seat has been available in high-end vehicles since the 1940s, even today most mid-grade and lower priced automobiles do not contain power seats. Loosely defined, a power seat is any front car seat that can be adjusted by a switch or joystick through the use of small motors rather than manually through the release of a lever. Generally, in addition to moving forward and back and adjusting the angle of the backrest, power seats can also be tilted. Most cars these days either offer six- or eight-way power seats.

Buying Manual Seats

Many people with traditional mechanical seats may wonder if, when buying replacement front seats for their car, it is possible to upgrade to power seating. However, while this seems like a simple task, it is pretty complex in its execution. This is because the addition of power seats requires an external power hookup into the car’s main electric system which cars without power seating lack. Though this can be added, it is complicated and may involve more work and expense than is really worth it.

Buying Power Seats

Therefore, the option of power seats is only available to those drivers whose cars originally had power seats in them. In this case, it is also possible to “downgrade” front seats to conventional, mechanical seats using the same rails as the power seats or through the purchase of a seat adapter. Most people choose this for budgetary reasons as power seats are much more expensive than mechanical seats.

Buying Used Seats vs. New Seats

One option that all buyers have is whether to purchase replacement front seats new or used. There are many benefits to both of these options which directly relate to the type of car owned and the purpose of buying replacement front seats in the first place.

When Buying New

Buying new replacement car and truck seats is the best option for people whose cars are newer and who are looking for upgraded seats. For example, drivers looking for bucket seats or a more racecar-like feel in the front of their vehicle will want to look for sporty car seats made exclusively for aftermarket purchases.

When Buying Used

On the flip side, there are some instances when buying used replacement front car and truck seats is the best option. First, individuals restoring old vehicles will find that used seats are their only option, which is because new seats would not be authentic and manufacturers may no longer produce the seats needed for the make and model of car. Second, those looking to replace their front seats on a budget or those who may be repairing a car damaged from an accident may find that looking for used seats through salvage yards and dealers who specialize in such products can save a lot of money.

Sizing Replacement Front Seats

After determining the type of seats to buy, car owners must then move on to considering the proper size of the seats for their car. There are two basic choices when it comes to the purchase of front seats, and that is to get seats that are custom fit for that particular vehicle or to buy an adapter kit to fit the new seats into the car.

Buying Seats Made to Fit

Car owners who don’t want to mess around with bolts, rails, and other small parts having to do with front seats are better off buying seats that are custom fitted to their particular vehicle. There are a few ways to accomplish this. First, buyers can contact the manufacturer or a dealer who sells their make of car directly and ask them to order the proper seats. The other option is to search for seats by using the make and model of the car as a base term. Therefore, online, make sure to search for “Nissan Maxima front seats” rather than “Nissan front seats” or merely “front seats.”

Adapting New Seats to Your Car

An alternative to buying seats made to fit a make and model of car is to buy seats that can be attached using a seat adapter kit. This method is used by car owners who want to buy “racing” seats for their car as well as those who can get salvage yard seats for a low price. Seat adapter kits are often sold along with seats in the former case, but will need to be purchased separately in the latter.

Pro Tips for Buying Aftermarket Car Parts and Accessories

Any time a car owner buys aftermarket parts and accessories for his or her vehicle, there are important tips to follow, which is because, to save themselves legal issues, car manufacturers discourage this practice and warn that it may void a vehicle’s warranty. Therefore, before purchasing replacement front seats or any aftermarket car part, make sure to heed the following:

Shop Only with Reputable Dealers & Recycle Yards

Professional auto parts stores, mechanics, and other outfits that specialize in car parts and accessories are more reliable than private individuals or big box stores that sell car parts alongside groceries. When shopping online, look for warranties, money back guarantees, and certifications to help find good sellers from questionable ones.

Considering Resale Value

One’s car is a reflection of one’s own unique personality. However, most people sell a car before it stops running, which means that buyers also need to look towards the marketability of any stylistic change they make to the vehicle. Fads like neon pink seats may seem fun now but can hurt a car’s value in the long run.

Think About Installation Before Purchase

Whether you plan on installing replacement front seats personally or plan to have it professionally done, this is a consideration that needs to be made before committing to purchase. For private installs, make sure that seats come with instructions or find a video to help you. If taking the seats to a professional, discuss what parts and other items may be needed to reduce costs and avoid delays.

Consider Buying from a Recycle Yard

An option for those looking to save money on the purchase of replacement front seats for a car is to look from a recycle yard or varies platform. We sell used parts for 50% below dealership cost.

Searching from a recycle yard for Replacement Front Seats

Many of the tips contained in this guide can easily be applied to help you find replacement front seats and purchasing correct seats for your make and model.


Many situations lead a car owner to the purchase of replacement front seats. However, whether these reasons are personal or unavoidable, considerations need to be made about those seats for the purchase to go smoothly. First, buyers must consider whether they will install power seats. Next, they must also consider the pros and cons of buying seats new vs. buying them used. Next, figuring out how to fit the seats into one’s car is essential.

After all of this, a buyer is ready to look into the purchase of front seats for a car. There are several buyers’ tips to keep in mind which includes buying from reputable dealers, considering a car’s resale value, and considering installation as well as looking into the benefits of shopping with eBay. Buying replacement front seats for your car can seem tough, but with the right preparation it can be a simple and fun process.